Bold Flavors

Incorporating the strong and bold flavors we are known for, Clyde pays homage to the pride and hard work of the blue collar worker through our coffees. You can order a cup in our restaurant or purchase a bag of whole beans to take home with you.

First Shift

Light Roast

Flavor Notes: Citrus, vanilla, caramel, and toffee.

Split Shift

Medium Roast

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, brown sugar, and hazelnut, with a hint of vanilla.

Split Shift – Decaf

Medium Roast

Flavor Notes: Honey and praline with a slightly floral caramelized sweetness.

Double Shift

Dark Roast

Flavor Notes: Toasted almond, bittersweet chocolate, and nutmeg.

Night Shift


Flavor Notes: Caramel and toasted hazelnut, bright and creamy.

OPEN FOR ALL EVENTS & MEETINGS – Our Restaurant & Bar is closed until Fall of 2024 for reinvention.

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