Food Made from Scratch, Always

What makes Clyde’s signature flavor? The extra time we put in to make your favorite dishes from scratch. Using wood-fired ovens to enhance distinct flavors. 

From manufacturing machines to crafting meals, Clyde’s vision has always been to build our own way. The dishes we serve are made from scratch.

“Our goal is to provide an experience unlike any other restaurant,” said Alex Giuliani, founder of Clyde Iron Works. “Many others can’t say their dishes are made from scratch. Our scratch kitchen is something we are proud of.”

Take a look into what goes into some of our guests’ favorite dishes: 


We make our pasta using imported Semolina flour, ensuring the best quality and authentic taste of classic Italian dishes. 

Onion Rings



Our famous onion rings start with large sweet onions, hand-sliced and dipped in Clyde Brewery beer batter. They are then dredged in cornflakes and fried to a perfect crispy golden brown. Eat them as is or pair them with your favorite dipping sauce! 

Sauces & Seasonings 

Made from scratch here at Clyde, we have perfected our pizza sauce, marinara, alfredo, focaccia oil, ranch, parmesan dill, Caesar dressing, and all of our protein rubs - elevating every dish on our menu! Every sauce, dip, and rub is curated right here in our kitchen! 


A Clyde Neapolitan-Style pizza begins with our hand-made dough and ends with time spent earning its taste in our wood-fired ovens. Using fresh ingredients and housemade sauce, each pizza creation is unique and pairs perfectly with a Clyde Brewery beer, which are also brewed on-site!


Our Smoked Salmon Chowder and French Onion soups are both made here at Clyde! The recipes have been tried and tested, utilizing rich spices and a sprinkle of Clyde love as the secret ingredient. 

Pastrami & Porketta

Our pastrami and porketta are slow roasted in our smoker for eight hours for tenderness and flavor for our Reuben and Porketta sandwiches. Our porketta goes through an eight-step process before it is deemed ready to be added to your sandwich. 

Inside peek at our process:

1. Mix Clyde’s signature dry rub blend of 14 spices
2. Trim and score pork shoulder
3. Season pork with the dry rub
4. Place in the cooler overnight
5. Remove and let rest until room temperature
6. Slow-roast in a smoker for 8 hours
7. Let pork rest to cool
8. Pull apart by hand

When the porketta is ready to be served it is placed on a hoagie roll, topped with provolone, then placed in our wood oven until the cheese is melted. If you are looking for a menu recommendation - this is it! 

We take pride in forging flavors and creating experiences enjoyed by our community. We hope you stop in and try our scratch-made recipes and let us know your favorites! 

OPEN FOR ALL EVENTS & MEETINGS – Our Restaurant & Bar is closed until Fall of 2024 for reinvention.

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