Checking all the Boxes for Your Perfect Event Space

Clyde Malting Building Event Space

Meetings are typically unpopular because they take up time, time that people often feel they already don’t have much of. To make a meeting successful, you have to make sure it is productive and worthwhile for all.

How do you make sure you’re running a successful meeting? Create a schedule and stick to it, making the event run smoothly so attendees aren’t feeling like they are waiting around. Create opportunities for networking and discussions. Teach attendees something they didn’t know before that will make their jobs easier moving forward.

Perhaps more importantly, corporate events should be about more than just work. They should inspire, entertain, build morale, and make people want to take action. Make people comfortable. Surprise them with unexpected amenities and great food. 

The venue helps frame the attendee experience, as well as how smoothly the event will run for the coordinator. Pick an inspiring space to host your gathering. An impressive setting and atmosphere can leave your guests with positive feelings toward you and toward the event. Plus, it gives guests a rewarding break from their day-to-day schedule. 

Read on for what to look for in your perfect event venue. 


One of the most important things you will need to know when choosing a venue for your event is the room capacity. Both for the comfort and the safety of your guests, you will need to make sure the attendee list does not exceed the capacity maximum. 

Services and Amenities

Ask each venue you consider: 

  • Does the venue have a kitchen to cater the event? Is it required to use their catering services and is there a minimum food and beverage cost? 

A good menu is key for a good event. Guests should be well hydrated and well fed, and the food you provide can invoke great (or not-so-great) memories. If you are holding a longer event that requires the concentration of your guests, make sure there are snacks available between meals and water or other beverages accessible throughout. 

  • Do they have tables, chairs, and linens available for use during your event? 

You can save money and time if these amenities are included in the rental price by not having to rent them from a separate vendor. If provided by the venue, they will also often fit the feel and look of the event space. 

  • Does the venue offer a setup and clean-up crew? 

Staff crews are not always offered, which makes the day of the event a lot more work for you and your team. Ask if the venue offers an event staff to help with setup, tear down, and everything in between so that all you have to worry about is interacting with attendees! 

  • Does the space have AV capabilities? Lighting?

The use of sound and light is often crucial for your event. Make sure the room is properly lit, whether it is a sit-down dinner or a motivational speech, the lighting will make an impact. For larger events there may be multiple elements happening simultaneously: video, audio, music. Make sure your venue has the capabilities to make your event go off without a hitch. 

Some venues have built-in audio-visual equipment, which makes events run smoothly and more conveniently for the coordinators, speakers, and oftentimes event guests. 

  • Do they provide Wifi and internet access?

Most venues in this day and age provide access to wifi and internet use. However, you never want to assume, so it is smart to ask to ensure they will be available to you, your staff, and all attendees throughout the entire event. 

  • Does the venue offer parking for attendees? 

It is important for you and your guests to know if there will be parking (and if it is free or not) at the venue. If it is not available, you will want to know what other options are available to you in order to provide this amenity to attendees.

Additional aspects to think about when looking at venues: 


You want to make sure the event venue is reasonably close to where attendees live, and if not that there are hotel options nearby. Venues that are centrally located often provide additional attractions for attendees before and after the event. 


Every event is unique and each requires a different layout to match its requirements. Keep the logistics of your specific event in mind when selecting a venue. Aspects including an open concept, smaller rooms, and where AV equipment may be located can be important. Think about the flow of traffic during your event and activities. Will attendees be moving around often or mostly staying in one place? 

Make sure the space is suitable for attendee participation if necessary, welcoming guests to speak and share. Breakout sessions in addition to main presentations make it easier for people to become involved, feel included, and collaborate. Some events are based on the ability for attendees to network, making a space large enough for people to walk around crucial. 


What are you envisioning the decor and ambiance of your event to be like? How the venue looks will greatly affect this. Pay attention to the interior design and structure and if the spaces look like they can be transformed with some extra decor if they don’t quite fit your vision. 


A crucial aspect to any event is accessibility. It ensures that all attendees can fully utilize the building and its amenities. 


When planning your event, book well in advance for planning purposes and to make sure your dream venue is available. This also allows time to coordinate the day of the event’s schedule with the venue team. This makes the event run smoothly, and allows the venue to know your timing for the day. When does setup need to be done? When might you want food? When should we clear food to make more space for discussions? And so on, and so on. 

Which Venue Should You Look at First? 

The venues at Clyde Event Center makes planning your corporate event as stress-free as possible! 

When it comes to what to look for in a venue, Clyde truly checks all the boxes. Let’s run through the list! 

Capacity ✔️

With various venue options, you can choose to use them all, rent individual spaces, or anything in between! From small intimate events to large 1,000 people gatherings, Clyde creates the meeting space fitting to your attendee list. 

Services and Amenities ✔️

  • Catering ✔️

We provide delicious on-site catering capabilities for any lunch, dinner, or snack. Our event team will work with you to create a menu and dining style to accompany your event perfectly. From plated meals to themed buffets to beverage options, your guests will enjoy wood-fired flavors and housemade dishes to refuel and get back to business. 

  • Rental packages include tables, chairs, and linens. ✔️
  • Event staff are at your service for setup and clean up. ✔️
  • The space offers AV and lighting capabilities. ✔️

Our spaces feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound, a 20’ x 16’ screen, and stage capabilities to ensure presentations, seminars, and demonstrations go off without a hitch. 

  • Wifi and internet access are included. ✔️
  • Parking is available. ✔️

We offer free ample parking next to all our venues! 

  • Location ✔️

Clyde Industrial Park is located in the heart of Duluth, near hotels and a main highway. 

  • Layout ✔️

Clyde offers various versatile event spaces in an open layout, which can be transformed into the gathering space your event requires. Our team is happy to set up the space configured to meet your meeting style and tailored to your vision. 

  • Ambiance ✔️

The industrial craftsmanship of our buildings create a welcoming backdrop and with a minimalistic feel, you are able to work with our team to create your desired event feel and ambiance. 

  • Accessibility ✔️

For the safety and convenience of attendees, our venues are all ADA-accessible.

  • Timing __

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