Building Connections in Duluth

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to blue space which is why many communities are built near bodies of water. Yes, this is for practical reasons as water is essential for life - but it also has important cognitive impacts. The science behind the concept of Blue Mind indicates that water makes people happier: connecting us to each other, to ourselves, and to a place. 

Located on the shore of Lake Superior, the water brings people to Duluth for many different reasons. For some, their parents were drawn here, placing them here from birth and the connections built keeping them in this city. Others may have once come to the city on a vacation, experiencing the wonders of Minnesota Nice, local dining, enchanting nature, and everything else the Twin Ports has to offer for a short, yet memorable period of time. Students come for a few years during college, creating deep-seated roots in a home away from home. 

For whatever reason, Duluth and the lake stay close to your mind and your heart. 

Clyde’s Connection in Duluth

Clyde Iron Works chose this place near the lake in 1901 to become home to its manufacturing plant, creating machinery that helped build our country: impacting the logging industry and constructing sites such as the Empire State Building, Panama Canal, and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

A century later, a connection to Clyde’s history ensured the preservation of this cornerstone of Duluth's golden industrial age. Today, Clyde Iron Works has been redeveloped into a gathering space for our neighbors and out-of-towners looking to connect with the community. 

Clyde Iron Works offers a restaurant, brewery, and bar, as well as two entertainment venues offering space for celebrations, banquets, and other events. With a focus on continued growth, Clyde Iron Hotel is currently being constructed. 

Your Wedding

Just as we took something old and transformed it into a place where new memories are made, we are constantly merging past connections to Duluth with future celebrations every day. Our event centers create a romantic space for couples to gather their loved ones together for the most special day of their life, the beginning of lives shared. 

Whether you are looking to bring together a large party of 600 people or an intimate gathering of 25, we are proud to provide the place, atmosphere, catering and amenities through the hospitality of our Clyde Event Center and Clyde Malting Building venues. 

Our experienced staff are able to merge our industrial-chic vibe with your personal style and vision to create your perfect day. Connecting our vision with yours, and providing you with something blue along the way. 
Interested in learning more about holding your wedding at Clyde? Check out our website at and take a tour here.